J. California Cooper

Literary Birthday – 10 November – J. California Cooper

J. California Cooper was born 10 November 1931, and died 20 September 2014.

Seven Quotes

  1. Child, never be embarrassed about improving your condition. Only fools laugh at anybody in school.
  2. All my family, my blood, is mixed up now. They don’t even all know each other. I just hope they don’t never hate or fight each other, not knowing who they are. Cause all these people living are brothers and sisters and cousins. All these beautiful different colours!
  3. You cannot tell a problem without a solution. I always put the solution in the book. It’s just a matter of doing the right thing. That’s all it is.
  4. The day comes when you look out over this world, and see things you want to do, but now…you can only wish you had done them. You get too old to do the things you once dreamed of doing, or just things you want to do even now.
  5. Sometimes it’s a struggle to get over self-love first. Sometimes in this struggle for love, we give up, or lose everything, and we still don’t achieve love. Some people don’t even recognise real love when it comes without being called or sought.
  6. Everybody can, and might, do you wrong. Sometimes the last one you expect.
  7. That’s what life is, a matter of choices. You get the test in life before you learn the lesson. In fact, for most of my characters, I take them from the hardest place to show people how they might get out.

J. California Cooper, born Joan Cooper, was an American playwright and author. She wrote 17 plays and was the winner of Black Playwright of the Year in 1978. Her first collection, A Piece of Mine: Stories, won an American Book Award.

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Posted on: 10th November 2015