Frances Milton Trollope

Literary Birthday – 10 March – Frances Milton Trollope

Frances Milton Trollope was born 10 March 1779 and died 6 October 1863.


  1. I very seldom, during my whole stay in the country, heard a sentence elegantly turned, and correctly pronounced from the lips of an American.
  2. When newspapers are the principal vehicles of the wit and wisdom of a people, the higher graces of composition can hardly be looked for.
  3. I draw from life – but I always pulp my acquaintance before serving them up. You would never recognise a pig in a sausage.
  4. A single word indicative of doubt, that any thing, or every thing, in that country is not the very best in the world, produces an effect which must be seen and felt to be understood. If the citizens of the United States were indeed the devoted patriots they call themselves, they would surely not thus encrust themselves in the hard, dry, stubborn persuasion, that they are the first and best of the human race, that nothing is to be learnt, but what they are able to teach, and that nothing is worth having, which they do not possess.
  5. All the freedom enjoyed in America, beyond what is enjoyed in England, is enjoyed solely by the disorderly at the expense of the orderly.

Frances Milton Trollope was an English novelist and writer who published as Mrs Trollope or Mrs Frances Trollope. She is well known for her first book, Domestic Manners of the Americans. She also wrote a novel against slavery, the first industrial novel, and two anti-Catholic novels from a Protestant position.

Source for screenshot: Auguste Hervieu, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons  /Source for quotes

 by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 9th March 2020