Literary Birthday – 10 March – Åke Edwardson

Happy Birthday, Åke Edwardson, born 10 March 1953.

Five Quotes

  1. Writing is very hard, if you are serious. I don’t really tell a story differently for young adult readers compared to adults, and I have written 21 books in different genres. It’s just the perspective that can change a little—the style  is the same, the language.
  2. My method: I spend some time just thinking about an outline, when, where, who, why… I do some preliminary research, maybe a journey. Some interviews. When it comes to the procedure, I go to a friend of mine who is a Chief Inspector. I check my ideas with him. Is it believable, or just plain ridiculous? Could this have happened?
  3. Society ends up with the adults it deserves. It’s just a little more obvious nowadays.
  4. Characters and plot are equal in any story in any genre. You can’t make do with just the one. A writer’s job is to tell a story, and there has to be someone to tell it about.
  5. You have to have a certain personality to become a detective, and the pressure and desperation of the job is like a drug. It’s not healthy. The only other profession I can compare it with is writing.

Åke Edwardson is a Swedish author of crime fiction. He has written a series featuring Detective Inspector Erik Winter who lives in the Swedish city of Gothenburg. The first book in the series was Death Angels.

by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 10th March 2015