Book Review – Funny Business

by Gus Silber (Zebra) ISBN: 978-1-77022-089-8

What is funny about business? According to Ronnie Apteker, entrepreneur and stand-up comedian, a lot. Firstly you should not take yourself seriously and secondly, like a comedian you have to close a deal every 15 minutes.

Gus Silber, award winning journalist, pens this story about Ronnie Apteker who founded an internet company before the Internet became business jargon. Apteker made money selling his business and now he makes movies.

Apteker has made mistakes in his life and has not always made the right decisions. His recommendation? Look at life with humour, take his advice and move on.

Silber brings Ronnie Apteker to life in this book. It is a story but there are bits of advice in between the anecdotes and humour. It is not how to succeed in business but rather about doing what you are passionate about. It is not about making money. Apteker believes that money does not buy passion and will not motivate people too work late into the night.

The book is well written, Apteker is an interesting character but I did find the title of this book a little hard to swallow. Business is serious. But this book is a worthwhile read with a different spin on the business world.

Be warned: you will not become a millionaire after reading this book.

Ulrike Hill