Book Review – Death Of A Saint

by Lily Herne (Puffin) ISBN: 978-0-14-353007-7

Death of a Saint is about teen rebels Lele, Ginger, Ash and Saint otherwise known as the Mall Rats. These teens are not the usual type of heroes. They are dark and rebellious in a city where civilisation no longer exists.

The Mall Rats are exiled in post-apocalyptic Cape Town. The Resurrectionists control the city and the Mall Rats are on their most wanted list. The book is filled with zombies otherwise known as Rotters. The strange thing is that the Rotters do not attack the Mall Rats. Obviously, there is a reason for this. There are dark secrets and Lele is the one who knows what the secret is.

I found it a difficult book to read. The story jumps from the Lele’s viewpoint to Saint’s which made it difficult for me to engage with the two characters. I did not enjoy the characters’ dialogue that was filled with colloquialism. Reading ‘like this, you know, like it is cool’ becomes irritating.

Generally the writing style was good although I found the pace slow. I love the fact that South Africa has a YA series. However, Death of a Saint did not meet my expectations.

Ulrike Hill


Posted on: 10th September 2012