Free Course Hooked On Writing 11

Day 11

Welcome to Day 11 of Hooked on Writing, your free online writing course. This online workbook will help you create a writing habit in 31 days.

I Wrote a Letter to my Love


To show that everyone can be plausible.


  1. Your character, Darlene, is in love with someone in prison.

Darlene has ________________________________ hair and ______________ eyes. She has skin the texture of _______________. She has a voice that sounds like ________________________________________ She loves __________________ music and ___________________________ is her favourite movie star. Her mother is a ________________________ and her father is a _________________________.

She shops for clothes at _________________________ and her food at _______________ Her favourite restaurant is _____________________________________________________.

She wanted to be a ___________________________________________ when she grew up. Instead she became a ______________ Darlene is _________ years of age.

  1. The prisoner, Rocky, is on death row. What crime did he commit?



How old is he? ____________________________

Where is he from? _________________________

  1. Write a letter to Rocky from Darlene.


You can make anyone and anything seem plausible if you create characters with a past.

At Night

Use your writing journal here. Write ‘At Night’ at the top of a clean page. Free write or expand on the exercise you’ve completed. (If you want to buy the downloadable workbook, which includes space for these exercises, you can get it in our store for only $20.)



‘Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.’ – William Wordsworth

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Posted on: 28th November 2019