Book Review – City Of Dragons

Book Three of The Rain Wild Chronicles by Robin Hobb (Harper Voyager) ISBN: 9780007273805  

Return to the world of the Liveships Traders, journey along the Rain Wild River in the third instalment of the Farseer trilogy.

Wait, I can do this. I hated the last book I read in this series so much I almost swore off on reading this one. But it is good. And I don’t know why.

Well, I mean it’s written well it has compelling characters, and, finally has something happening in the plot. And then it ends. Hmm. Well you’re thinking, “That sounds good, I bet there will be another book out soon to continue the series.”

But you are wrong. Hobb is getting old and only writes in series. I have had to read twelve other of her books to understand her brief glorious passages. Most of her work is boring and over written but her overarching storyline is fantastic. And for that I will forgive her.

I just hope she finds some commons sense and finishes the story before she dies.

P.S. I love dragons.

Christopher Dean

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Posted on: 29th April 2012