Book Review – Winging It

Winging It – Jonathan Kaplan’s Journey from World-Class Ref to Rookie Solo Dad by Joanne Jowell (Macmillan) ISBN 9781770105560

Book Review – Winging It

When you hear that a man is a solo dad, you immediately wonder what happened to his wife or girlfriend. It is highly unusual for a single, straight man to go through a surrogacy process at the age of 50 to produce his biological child.

However, being a father was rugby referee Jonathan Kaplan’s (JK) dream. He had not managed to find the right woman to marry as his longest relationship was two and a half years, so when he realised time was not on his side, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

The journey was not a simple one – from identifying the viable egg donor, to finding a willing and able surrogate, and then multiple attempts to produce a baby, it was clear that this was not going to be easy – but it would be worth it.

Now that Jonathan’s son, Kaleb, is a year old, he decided to tell his story. Joanne Jowell had already been keen to write this book when she saw on Facebook that JK was working on becoming a solo father, so this was a perfect match.

The book was an interesting read, from perspectives of JK, the agency rep, medical doctor, surrogate, Kaleb’s grandmother, and Joanne Jowell’s own views on the matter.

Amanda Blankfield-Koseff