Book Review – What A Great Idea!

What A Great Idea!: Awesome South African Inventions By Mike Burton (Jacana) ISBN 978-1-4314-2427-6

What A Great Idea! is about inventors and how their inventions have impacted our world.

The book is targeted at people who are interested in our ever progressing world. It depicts inventions of all types and natures. I learnt a lot reading this book, knowing that South Africa is the only country (other than England) to produce Marmite was one. Others are finding out that South African’s invented the Kreepy Krawly and the kiddies Bambino chair. Simply fascinating!

The book also mentions some of our local celebs, such as Vinny Lingham from Shark Tank and how he and his company have changed the way we see crypto currency today.

My favourite part of the book was the food section, learning how Marie biscuits came to be, and that South Africa has the highest volume and sell rate when it comes to these locally produced bits of heaven. Our local food is also becoming popular from the humble bunny chow to our breedie recipes. This is evident in the fact that there are now South African stores in countries like England and Australia selling Mrs. Balls chutney sauce, Ouma rusks and Rooibos tea.

Reading this book made me feel proud to be a South African.

Natacia Leaf