Book Review – Two Little Girls

Two Little Girls by Kate Medina (Harper Collins) ISBN: 978-0008214012

Book Review – Two Little Girls

I intended to savour this crime thriller over a weekend. I failed, wolfing it down. I gorged on its haunting themes, guessing games, and twists in a matter of hours.

The clever plot is well-paced and Medina’s characters are truly credible. The common perception of the beach as a wholesome space into a macabre murder backdrop creates a bewildering setting. Tension pierces the entire read.

In two years, two young girls are left dead among the dunes. Two dolls, each guarding one little body. The reader stumbles from that beach into the intrigue.

Who to trust, who to fear, and who to embrace? Medina’s interest in psychology is evident in her style. Superbly twisted, a final revelation delivers a thrilling punch in the gut.

A single bother: Dialogue is drawn out in a few instances. This is however forgiven as the pulse quickens at yet another unforeseen move.

This was a highly memorable if unsettling read.

Michèle Meyer