Book Review – The Queen Of The Tearling

by Erika Johansen (Bantam Press) ISBN: 978-0-59307-270-7

The name was jarring and hinted at a story similar to Game of Thrones. What the heck is a Tearling? Once I started reading I was captivated by the tale of a nineteen-year-old girl who has been kept in exile and trained to be queen.

On her nineteenth birthday, soldiers collect Kelsea Glynn from her foster parents. She has to take possession of her throne. All that she has to prove that is the rightful queen is a magical pendant and a burn scar. Kelsea soon discovers that her new position is fraught with dangers. She inherits a kingdom that has been run by the Regent, her uncle, who is greedy and corrupt. To keep her crown (and head) she cannot trust anyone as she tries to establish justice and stamp out corruption — if she is not assassinated.

She meets the enigmatic Fetch, a masked man who seems to affect her but will he protect or kill her? Sadly for the reader, Fetch only makes cameo appearances so the question remains unanswered until, one assumes, the sequel to this book.

This dystopian story is set in the future of New London but with a Tudor undertone. Kelsea is an exciting heroine and the action will maintain interest.

Ulrike Hill


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Posted on: 24th November 2014