Book Review – The Paper Lovers

The Paper Lovers by Gerard Woodward (Picador) ISBN: 9781509847983

The Paper Lovers

This is the story of Arnold and Polly and the effect his adultery has on their life.

The first half of the book is told from the viewpoint of Arnold, an unimposing man, who develops a crush on one of his wife’s friends. The strangest part of the attraction is that the object of his affection is religious and Arnold and Polly are most certainly not.

The attraction turns into an affair. Eventually, his mistress’s husband finds out. He demands that Arnold confesses his sins to Polly.

To avoid confessing, Arnold becomes part of their religious fanatical retreats.

Polly discovers the truth and the second part of the book is told from her viewpoint. She is much stronger and more decisive than Arnold and the break in the marriage allows her to finish many of the things Arnold could not.

This is a literary read about a mid-life crisis and a crisis of faith.

Amanda Patterson

Posted on: 23rd December 2018