Book Review – The Nowhere Man

by Gregg Hurwitz (Penguin) ISBN: 9781405910743

Review 1

Evan Smoak is an assassin formerly known as Orphan X – the prequel to The Nowhere Man. As a child, Smoak was recruited to a covert government programme where he is trained to kill. He escapes the programme – ostensibly in pursuit of ‘humanity’ – and becomes The Nowhere Man.

Now he uses his lethal skills for ‘good’ and is sought for reasons both desperate and nefarious. Smoak responds to a call for help but is thwarted when an unexpected antagonist captures him. Furthermore, the Orphans programme director and other orphans are determined to find and destroy him. Detained by a narcissistic ruthless mercenary, Smoak must garner his considerable resources to confront his persistent internal demons, simultaneously outwit several enemies and escape to rescue others.

I haven’t read the best-seller Orphan X but this didn’t detract from its sequel. The plot of The Nowhere Man is confined to a few days in a chateau, which inhibits the theme of Smoak’s personal quest. I enjoyed insights into Smoak’s internal conflict and his ingenuity, although detailed descriptions of weaponry and fight moves went over my head. Smoak’s capturer, Renee, is a compelling deviant.

I enjoyed this thriller despite finding the antics and action occasionally far-fetched.

Deborah Minors

Review 2

Evan Smoak grew up an orphan. His story however takes a unique unexpected turn as he is recruited into a covert government operation and trained as a deadly assassin. Evan operates around the world as a secret weapon and during that time acquires skills but also manages to amass resources that he now uses for his own personal mission.

Whilst Evan has managed to leave the employ of his former handlers he continues to use his unique skills as The Nowhere Man – a kind of new world Robin Hood who reaches out to those desperate and in need of his services. Evan however was not alone. There were others trained as part of the ‘Orphan Project’ and now a fellow orphan, controlling the project, wants his vigilante services terminated. As Evan fights to save the life of a young woman abducted by human traffickers and about to disappear forever, he now becomes the hunted and time is about to run out – both for the girl and Evan.

The Nowhere Man is the second appearance of Gregg Hurwitz’s new hero. If a hard-paced action thriller, with one man pitted against the odds is what you are looking for, Evan Smoak does not disappoint.

Wayne Bouwer

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Posted on: 6th April 2017