Book Review – The Moonlight Mile

The Moonlight Mile by Dennis Lehane (Little Brown) ISBN: 9781847444752

Private Eye, Patrick kenzie, found Amanda McCready when she was reported missing as a four year old. The case almost ruined Patrick. He took the child from loving caregivers who had tried to rescue Amanda from her nightmare of a mother, Helene, and returned her to that same mother. Although Patrick did the right thing, he did the wrong thing. His beautiful partner, Angie Gennaro, refused to speak to him for years.

12 years later, Amanda has disappeared again. Still living a nightmare with Helene she has grown into a self-possessed, intelligent young woman. Amanda never panics, never shows emotion and always out-thinks everyone.

Patrick is looking for a job. He is married to Angie, and they have a daughter, Gabby. When a prestigious firm declines to offer him a permanent position, he agrees to take on the case of the missing Amanda. But the world has changed. Lehane is brilliant at describing our social media lifestyle through his characters. Kenzie tries to find a newspaper in smalltown USA. ‘A what?’ asks the waitress. ‘It’s like a homepage without a scroll button?’ offers the PI.

Sidekick Bubba emerges to play his part. But the enemy is new. Enter Yefim, Pavel and Boris. Enter identity theft, stolen babies and the internet. When Gabby’s life is threatened, Kenzie has to make some interesting choices.

Patrick Kenzie is not particularly likeable. He is opinionated, often rude, and always doggedly determined. Written through Kenzie’s eyes, in first person, Lehane manages to somehow create a character you will admire, and empathise with.

I have read all of Lehane’s novels. They are all excellent. Moonlight Mile will not disappoint. Highly recommended.

Amanda Patterson

Posted on: 23rd November 2011