Book Review – The Last Tudor

The Last Tudor by Philippa Gregory (Simon and Schuster) ISBN 9781471133060

The Last Tudor is the final book in the Tudor Family series by Phillipa Gregory, and focuses on the ladies Jane, Katherine, and Mary Grey. Cousins to Queen Elizabeth, the Grey girls are a thorn in the queen’s side. To ensure no threats to her rule, Queen Elizabeth systematically sets about destroying her cousins.

Told from the three different perspectives of Jane, Katherine, and Mary, The Last Tudor highlights the treachery that played out in England in the 1500s.

Lady Jane Grey is made a martyr when she refuses to denounce her religion, and is put to death.
Lady Katherine’s love for her husband comes at a high price as the queen cannot bear to be slighted by anyone, so Katherine has to bear the indignity of having her marriage not be recognised by the queen, and her children declared illegitimate.
It is only with Mary, the quiet small in stature, but larger than life Mary, that the queen meets her match. Mary’s stubbornness matches that of her cousin, and her will power ensures she does not succumb to any of the queen’s cruelties.

The Last Tudor is a fascinating study of jealousy, deceit, and triumph. It is definitely one for history buffs.

Merissa Himraj

Posted on: 14th July 2018