Book Review – The Girl Who Takes An Eye For An Eye

The Girl Who Takes An Eye For An Eye by David Lagercrantz (Quercus) ISBN: 9780857056429

The girl with the dragon tattoo lives on through the pen of David Lagercrantz, the Swedish author of literary novels and of the best-selling ghosted autobiography I am Zlatan Ibrahimović.

Lisbeth Salander has been sentenced to two months in Flodberga women’s prison for saving a young boy’s life.

On one of his visits to the prison, journalist and long-time ally, Mikael Blomkvist receives a lead to follow for his magazine, Millennium. It is one that could unlock the secrets of Lisbeth’s childhood.

Lisbeth is the ultimate uber-intelligent vigilante. She is alternately thrilling and terrifying. Blomkvist’s relentless thoughtful intelligence is different but no less compelling. The pair work well together.

I must admit that I found Stieg Larsson difficult to read. I think Lagercrantz is a better writer. If you enjoyed the series, you will like The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye.

Amanda Patterson

The Girl Who Takes An Eye For An Eye by David Lagercrantz (Maclehose Press) ISBN 9780857056429

Having been a major Stieg Larsson fan, I was devasted when he passed away suddenly, leaving an unfinished book in the bestselling Millennium Series that was also converted into successful films.

When I saw that David Lagercrantz had completed that book last year, I was curious and excited.

In The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye, there are mirror image twins separated at birth as part of an unethical science experiment, a Muslim woman, Faria, who is kidnapped and abused by her brothers and father for refusing an arranged marriage in favour of the love of her life who is Hindu, and our favourite girlpower icon, Lisbeth Salander who finds herself protecting Faria from a dangerous villain in prison. There are some subplots too involving Bublanski, Blomkvist and Palmgren too.

I must admit that even though the characters follow through, the style is just too different and the suspense and build up of complex characters in various situations just could not be copied. It was a valiant effort but left me disappointed. Perhaps the legacy has to remain with the completed books as nobody can do the story justice without the original author who dreamed up such fascinating characters and scenarios.

Amanda Blankfield-Koseff