Book Review – The Force

The Force by Don Winslow (Harper Collins) ISBN: 978-0-00-822749-4

Stephen King describes this book as “mesmerising” and “a triumph”. I don’t agree with Mr King. This book just isn’t my cup of tea. It took 100 (long) pages before the story really started for me.

Set in New York, it features dirty cops, crooked politicians and city officials, gangs fighting for territory, the mob, a drug war, police informants, 50 kg of missing heroine, gun deals, high class prostitutes.

Detective Sergeant Dennis (Deny) John Malone is part of an elite crime fighting unit and ‘king’ of North Harlem, his home turf. But he and his team are dirty. They rule ‘their’ streets. They steal money and drugs from those they bust. They bribe officials to look the other way. They arrange for dockets to disappear or prosecutors decline to prosecute. For a fee. His deeds eventually catch up with him and Denny must choose whether to become an FBI snitch or face life in prison.

It’s a violent, depressing read.

Liesl Williams