Book Review – The Family Lawyer

The Family Lawyer by James Patterson (Arrow Books) ISBN 9781787460263

The book is comprised of three stories written by James Patterson in conjunction with three different authors: Robert Rotstein, Christopher Charles, and Rachel Howzell Hall.

Each story has a distinct flavour. All have well-thought out plots and are compelling reading. My favourite is The Family Lawyer because of the family dynamics and emotions which felt real and drew me in.

(1) In ‘The Family Lawyer’, Matthew Hovanes is a loving father whose daughter is accused of cyber bullying a girl at her school. The girl has since committed suicide. Matthew is a skilled criminal defence attorney who decides to defend his daughter.

(2) In ‘Night Sniper’, there is a calculating killer on the loose. Cheryl Mabern, an outstanding NYPD detective is called to use her expertise. She has her own problems, but must find the courage to stop this killer.

(3) ‘The Good Sister’ is about Dani Lawrence who receives a distraught call from her beloved sister after midnight. She arrives at the house to find that her sister’s cheating, drug taking husband is dead. Dani has to decide whether to help the investigation which may incriminate her sister, or to obstruct it.

To me, it felt like a satisfying three course meal. Overall an entertaining light read.

Dawn Blankfield