Book Review – The Extraordinary Journey Of The Fakir Who Got Trapped In An Ikea Wardrobe

by Romain Puèrtolas (Harvill Secker) ISBN 9781846558795

The unusual title of this novel grabbed my attention. Then I started reading it and the plot and characters held my attention. Then the ending made me smile, which will make me remember this unique, inspiring and awesome tale that explores the lives of taxi drivers, actresses, refugees, and con artists amongst other side characters.

All this, along with promoting positive morals, makes this by far the quirkiest story I have read in years.

The book begins by introducing the fakir from India who has travelled to France to buy a bed of nails from an IKEA store with a fake 100 euro note. He does not manage to do so and lands up in the most bizarre situations. He encounters interesting people too and this is only the first part of the book!

The adventures that occur after that are fantastic and unreal, yet totally believable and entertaining. Telling more of the plot will give away too much. Read it.

Amanda Blankfield-Koseff

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Posted on: 17th October 2014