Book Review – The Book Of Joan

The Book Of Joan by Lidia Yuknavitch (Canon Gate) ISBN: 9781786892409

The Book Of Joan is fascinating in many ways. It is a bold, feminist, sci-fi, roller-coaster ride of a romance.

There is a new world order lead by Jean De Men. The earth has been destroyed. Nothing remains except rebel survivors running around the deserted earth looking for possibilities of new life and their leader.

Jean De Men is creating a new kind of human trapped in a slave-based colony in space. These humans are de-gendered, practising body scarification, torture, and manifesting super natural powers. Walking through walls, telepathy and breaking into other dimensions becomes the norm.

Back on earth, a few humans are left behind trying desperately to find their leader, Joan, who will bring peace and life back to earth and destroy the villain and his space colony.

Set in some sci-fi dystopian times, Joan is the wonder child, whose purpose is to overrule the new world order with her lover Leone. The Book Of Joan is sprinkled with violence, sex, love, torture, and long prose. If you allow your imagination to take flight you might find some purpose to the story in this book.

Tammany Barton