Book Review – The Award

by Danielle Steel (Bantam Press) ISBN 9780593068977

It’s 1940 and the Germans have occupied France. Sixteen year old French girl, Gaelle de Barbet’s life changes in an instant when her family home is occupied by the German army, her father and brother is killed within months of each other and her mother goes completely mad at her loss and the senseless war.

Gaelle loses her best friend, Rebekah who is Jewish and is sent with her family to a detention camp. As the war continues Gaelle unintentionally joins the Resistance where she assists with transporting Jewish children to safety. Ironically her brave and heroic actions will taint her for years. Gaelle flees to Paris after she is accused of collaborating with the Germans.

From there her life turns and Gaelle becomes a sought after model which takes her to New York where she finds love, happiness and starts a family but also experiences terrible loss again. Gaelle returns to France where she finds love again. For years Gaelle’s granddaughter, a respected journalist tries to vindicate her grandmother and ensure that she is recognised for the war hero that she really was.

This is another inspirational story of love, family, loss, and hope from my favourite author. A captivating read.

Tracy-Ann Damons

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