Book Review – The After Wife

The After Wife by Cass Hunter (Trapeze) ISBN: 9781409172635

As someone who is both intrigued and dismayed by the advance of artificial intelligence (AI), I went into this book expecting to emerge with a smug “I told you so”. I am very glad to say that I was wrong.

Dr Rachel Prosper, a robotics engineer seems to have it all. Beautiful and smart, she is married to Aidan Sawyer and mum to precocious teen, Chloe. Her life couldn’t be more perfect, until one night she drives headlong into a tree and dies. Aiden and Chloe struggle to carry on life without Rachel.

At work, her lab partner Luke also feels the impact of her loss. Rachel however has been cunningly working on a plan, a very special gift called iRachel.  IRachel an intelligent, self-learning robot looks and sounds just like Rachel. As Rachel’s parting gift, she is sent to help Aiden and Chloe adjust to life without the real Rachel. Can a robot ever replace the living?

The After Wife is a beautiful story of life, love, loss, and healing. I highly recommend it, and hope it gets made into a movie soon!

Merissa Himraj