Book Review – Saints Of The Shadow Bible

 by Ian Rankin (Orion) ISBN: 9781409144755

John Rebus has come out of retirement and he’s back on the police force with a demotion from DI to DS. DI Siobhan Clarke is now his boss. But Rebus just wants to catch criminals.

While he’s investigating a suspicious car crash, he’s told that a case from 30 years ago is about to be reopened. Malcolm Fox is investigating a murder involving police officers who called themselves the Saints of the Shadow Bible – and Rebus was one of them. Rebus is first to admit the police did things differently in the 1980s, but who are the real sinners and who are the saints? His colleagues from those years are dead, dying, or moving on in different ways.

Rankin has crafted a brilliant crime novel with interesting threads, including the Yes?No campaign for Scottish Independence, shady scrapyards, new crime lords, and the murder of a minister. Edinburgh plays its usual gritty part. He puts Rebus to work with former enemy, Fox, as the force changes yet again, and then he ties everything together effortlessly.

But, at the end, the reader has to decide if Rebus is indeed a sinner or a saint.

Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 12th February 2014