Book Review – Rather Be The Devil

Rather Be The Devil by Ian Rankin (Orion) ISBN: 9781409159407

I feel as if I’ve known John Rebus forever, and I suppose I have. I’ve read all 21 books in the series to date, and I’ll read any more Ian Rankin writes.

Rebus has a steady girlfriend, has stopped smoking, and drinking (mostly), and he is supposed to be retired. When Darryl Christie, Edinburgh’s youngest crime boss, is attacked, the police think Rebus’s old foe Big Ger Cafferty might be involved.

Rebus is also trying to solve an old murder. With time on his hands, the death of the beautiful, promiscuous Maria Turquand 40 years earlier still preys on his mind. Are the two cases linked?

Rebus helps as Siobhan Clarke and Malcolm Fox piece together what’s going on. Edinburgh plays her part as the setting as beautifully as ever.

Amanda Patterson

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