Book Review – Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter (Puffin) ISBN: 9780241330722

This edition of Peter Rabbit is based on the movie of the same name. It is from the original tale by Beatrix Potter, one of the best children’s authors of all time. The book has been given a fresh, new modern feel.

Peter Rabbit is a trouble maker. He and his sisters and cousin give Old Mr McGregor a hard time. They always steal from his garden because they believe it is their patch of land. Old Mr McGregor dies. Peter throws a party, inviting all the animals to celebrate their long-lost land.

Finally, the house and garden are theirs. Their happiness is short lived as Old McGregor’s great grandnephew, Thomas, leaves his job in the city and takes over the property. This doesn’t sit well with Peter and he makes every effort to drive Thomas away from their land. The most annoying thing is that Peter and his family believe that Thomas has taken their best friend, Bea too.

Peter Rabbit is a very funny and interesting read.

Sinobukhosi Mpofu