Book Review – On Editing

On Editing by Helen Corner-Bryant and Kathryn Price (Hodder & Stoughton) ISBN: 9781473666689

Draft one is the magical part of writing. Draft two still has a twinkle of fairy dust. Draft three is when the unicorns start to flee. Draft four and five is Mount Doom. It’s unfamiliar territory. It’s scary.

This book shows you that in a clear and engaging read; it should appeal to both new and seasoned authors. The truth is that when your first draft is complete, that journey’s not over. And Editing is a great companion to clutch in your sweaty and trembling hands as you make that first step and pick up your red pen.

Helen Corner Bryant is the founder of Cornerstones Literary Consultancy, which offers a niche service to novelists and writers. Kathryn Price is managing editor of Cornerstones.

On Editing will empower you to explore your creativity. It will challenge the way you think about your writing and give you practical insight into the much-feared editorial process. Who knows? Some of those unicorns may even gingerly return to the Valley of Rainbows.

Anthony Ehlers

Posted on: 31st July 2018