Book Review – Kalahari Summer

by Robert Grogan (Struik) ISBN 9781920572921

The author begins the book by giving the pros and cons of the Kalahari in summer versus winter. There are fewer insects, storms and hazards in winter but the beauty of the storm clouds across a rich landscape makes the summer scenery all the more desirable.

The first time Grogan and his wife, who live in the USA, came out to Africa and went on a trip to the Kalahari in winter. They then decided to come back in summer and were so awestruck that Grogan decided to create a book from the experience. The result is a vibrant book that covers unusual and typical scenes from the Kalahari, from lilac-breasted rollers and butterflies, to bat-eared foxes, squirrels, and the big and small cats. Interspersed between the photographs are paintings of the scenes by Grogan, and some narrative about the animals or place.

What I enjoyed is that Grogan appreciates the skies filled with clouds and the insects as well as the usual wildlife. You would expect a book about the Kalahari to have the big cats and some other animals.

A perfect personal or corporate gift, this coffee table book is well presented and has beautiful scenic, nature and wildlife photos and a few paintings that would interest most people.

Amanda Blankfield-Koseff

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Posted on: 10th August 2014