Book Review – How Many Ways Can You Say Hello?

by Refiloe Moaholi and illustrated by Anja Stoeckigt (Penguin) ISBN 978-1-48590-030-6

Book Review - How Many Ways Can You Say Hello?

When Sara starts at a new school she finds it hard to make friends, because she can’t greet the other children. Her teacher sends her on a quest to learn how to say hello in each language. She sets off on a grand adventure in a hot air balloon gathering friends and knowledge along the way.

Hello! Molo! Sawubona! Avuxeni! Lotjhani! Dumela! Hallo!

This is the happiest of books. We live in a country with eleven official languages and this book celebrates those differences and shows us how to learn from each other and work together. The illustrations are beautiful and cheerful. I love the South African details in the pictures especially the giant pineapple, the rickshaw, and the proteas.

This book is a must for every child living in South Africa. Actually, it is a must for every child who lives on this planet.

Mia Botha

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Posted on: 20th April 2017