Book Review – Hadeda La Land

Hadeda La Land by Stephen Francis & Rico (Jacana) ISBN: 978-1-4314-2567-9

I am a Madam & Eve fan. It is a welcome respite from all the depressing news surrounding South African media headlines.

I would rather read the entertainment page and to giggle at the cartoonists’ depiction of South Africa’s society than read the front page news. And now the Hadeda adds to the political and social cacophony.

The loud shrieks from the Hadeda as they yell at their companions is as interesting as the interplay between domestic worker (Eve) and her employer (Gwen) and every bit as annoying as the news delivered to the Gogo. One can only sympathise with Eve who tops up the old lady’s Gin and Tonic in the suburban lounge. Added to the witty repertoire is the sassy Thandi, the millennial who squirms her way out of doing homework or trying to get Gogo to part with some money.

The cartoonists’ depiction of current affairs provides insight into the complicated South African society. It also provides a wonderful reason for laughing at ourselves, our problems, and most of all, our bumbling politicians. If we don’t laugh, we would resort to attacking annoying birds. So pick up this latest collection and ignore the Hadedas screeching on your roof

Ulrike Hill