Book Review – Golden Prey

Golden Prey by John Sandford (Simon and Schuster) ISBN 9781471172038

This is my first introduction to US Marshall Lucas Davenport, and the story does not disappoint.

While on a routine sting operation, Davenport is drawn into a case when  a young girl becomes the innocent victim in a drug cartel robbery gone wrong.  Determined to uncover the people behind the killing spree, Davenport enlists all his resources to get to the bottom of this robbery, unwittingly putting himself squarely in the cross hairs of the cartel.

Working around the clock with the US Marshall service, Lucas sets out to find the killers. At the same time, the drug cartel kingpins, furious at being robbed, unleash their henchmen on the trail of the perpetrators.

What follows is a intricate dance as both Davenport and the cartel team move in closer to the killers. Soon Davenport is marked on both sides, and finds himself on the receiving end of unwanted attention.

Golden Prey is a great read if you are looking for a well-written, no-nonsense, action-packed thriller.

Merissa Himraj

Posted on: 13th July 2018