Book Review – Future Home Of The Living God

Future Home Of The Living God by Louise Erdrich (Corsair) ISBN 9781472153357

The world is falling apart. Evolution has ceased and everything is going backwards. Global warming has changed the climate and nothing is as it was before. Vegetation is changing into unrecognisable fruit and vegetables. Animals are behaving out of character.

We follow the story of Cedar, a young woman who has been adopted by a liberal white family. She is four months pregnant by a man she met at church. She goes to find her birth family who are Ojibwe, living in the reservation.

Then the drama begins as the state starts imprisoning pregnant women and after confiscating their babies, forcing them to become surrogates in order to play a role in the continuation of the human race. Cedar is on the run…will she and her baby manage to make it out alive?

Future Home Of The Living God is an interesting concept: thought-provoking and a warning for what may happen to our world if we continue on our destructive path.

Amanda Blankfield-Koseff

Posted on: 13th July 2018