Book Review – Expelled

Expelled by James Patterson (Young Arrow) ISBN: 9781784759605

Filled with raw humour and dark secrets, Expelled is a perfect read for children aged 12 and above, and for adults. James Patterson writes a range of books for young readers such as the Middle School and Maximum Ride series.

Theo Foster is expelled from school after it has been found that a photo has been posted into his anonymous twitter account. He strongly believes that there is some foul play and he is being framed. His dismissal is unfair and it is ruining his academic future. Sasha Ellis, the meanest girl in school and Felix, Theo’s best friend have also been expelled for different offences.

With the help of Sasha, Felix, and other schoolmates, they manage to gather up enough information by making every suspect confess on camera. Secrets that threaten their friendship are revealed in the process.

Expelled is an excellent read. I could reread it and still enjoy it as if I were reading it for the first time.

Sinobukhosi Mpofu

Posted on: 27th November 2017