Book Review – Cross The Line

by James Patterson (Century) ISBN 978-1-780-89269-6

James Patterson does it again, brilliantly – I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. Cross The Line is a fast paced action thriller that tells the story of Alex Cross who is asked to step in and help the local police to solve the murder of the Chief of Police. Chaos then descends in Washington DC when brutal killings occur all over the city.

Cross The Line makes you feel as if you are running through the streets of Washington DC with Alex Cross and his fellow police officers as they try to catch the cold-blooded killer. As the investigation proceeds it comes to light that the victims are all criminals. Have vigilantes taken the law into their own hands?

A race against time ensues as Alex Cross, together with the local police, FBI, and the navy tries to solve these murders before any more killings can occur. This is a gripping thriller that leaves you on edge of your seat. Alex Cross is certainly a legend, trying to save the world while balancing his home and family life.

Tracy-Ann Damons

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Posted on: 6th April 2017