Book Review – Black Market

Black Market by James Patterson (Arrow Books) ISBN 9781784757410

Book Review – Black Market

How would you feel if the Wall Street Stock Exchange was bombed by a terrorist organisation? This is precisely what happens – it is devastating and does not end there, but spreads to other countries. The terrorists are always one step ahead, and nobody can fathom what their motive is.

Federal Agent Archer Carroll is sent to investigate who could be behind this attack. He meets Caitlin Dillon who is a trading inforcement director, and they collaborate with their various skills. They understand that the terrorists want to create chaos and ultimately take control of America.

Initially it looks like a disgruntled war veteran who wants revenge. Then it appears to be another terrorist group. The intrigue deepens as the reader tries to guess the truth. Ultimately, it is about deception.

This is a gripping roller-coaster ride, which includes action, intrigue and even romance. James Patterson lives up to his usual high standard and keeps you guessing until the last sentence.

This is an exciting and satisfying read with a gripping plot.

Dawn Blankfield

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Posted on: 27th September 2017