Book Review – Beauty And The Beast

Beauty And The Beast (the book of the film) adapted by Elizabeth Rudnick (Paragon Books Ltd) ISBN: 978-1-4748-5247-0

Elizabeth Rudnick has gracefully adapted the tale as old as time. The book has so much detail that it felt as if I experienced the joy, heartbreak, laughter, and sorrow of all the characters.

You may ask what makes this book different from the original tale. To me, it is without a doubt a magical gateway to a fantasy world. This world has a beautiful enchantress, a cursed prince who was turned into his true inner beast, the prince’s staff who were transformed into talking and moving objects, and a heroine very different from other people. Belle is not the typical fairy tale princess. She is a modern, intelligent women.

I gave this book a 5/5 because this book is truly unforgettable. It has an elegance that gives you a feeling of uttermost happiness and love. It can be enjoyed by all members of the family – old and young alike. This book gave me a feeling of true affection.

Janine Kirsten (age 11)