essential characteristics of effective business writing

7 Essential Characteristics Of Effective Business Writing

Writers Write is a business writing resource. In this post, we share seven essential characteristics of effective business writing.

We sometimes overthink our business writing. We worry about the wrong things. At Writers Write, we say: Write to communicate. Nowhere is this more important than in business writing.

If you look at effective business communications (which includes emails, letters, notices, faxes, reports, and proposals, among others) you will find these seven common attributes:

7 Essential Characteristics Of Effective Business Writing

Effective business writing:

  1. Uses plain language.
  2. Has a purpose.
  3. Makes a point, and supports that point with relevant information.
  4. Has information that is connected.
  5. Uses appropriate words in concise, accurate sentences.
  6. Is persuasive.
  7. Includes a call to action.

If you want to be effective in business, your message must be impossible to misunderstand. Effective communication allows us to share information that contributes to our business’s success.

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 by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 29th May 2018