5 Ways Internal Communications Will Never Be The Same

Social media is not just a ‘social thing’. It is radically changing the face of internal communications. Here are five ways internal communications will never be the same.

All About Enterprise Social Networking

Social media is not just a ‘social thing’. Enterprise social networking platforms like Yammer or Tracx are like Facebook for your business. They’re radically changing the face of internal communications. The good news is that there are loads of benefits. The bad news is that everyone in your company now has to understand the basics of social media and effective writing.

5 Ways Internal Communications Will Never Be The Same

Here are five ways this type of networking is redefining business communications:

  1. Find the trail. Social networking can replace traditional email. Email trails are usually communication paths between two or three people. When conversations are taking place on social networking, others can follow or join in the conversation. There’s just a lot more visibility into a project or discussion.
  2. A living archive. A social networking platform is a great central repository of important information people need to do their jobs. You can load infographics, videos, strategy documents, and so forth. This will all be available to new people joining the business or team members joining a new project.
  3. Goodbye newsletters. No one has time to compile, read, or distribute newsletters anymore. With social networking, you can create a related group and update the page with information as it comes in. It’s immediate and will allow you to respond to opportunities or queries a lot quicker. It also allows people to give you feedback.
  4. The personal touch. From the CEO to HR leaders, everyone in the business can have their own unique ‘voice’. Especially for senior managers, this is a great way to humanise communications so a communication doesn’t look like it’s been ghost written or crafted by a PR department.
  5. The right person, at the right time. It’s also a great way for people to find the right person at the right time. It’s easy to send a request for help so that the people with the skills and talent you need will get in touch with you. In global companies, this is a wonderful tool for teams to keep in touch on a familiar interface.

Of course, on an enterprise social networking site, there’s not a great deal of filtering of content or an editor to moderate the content. That means your employees must understand basic etiquette, grammar, and business writing.

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Posted on: 10th September 2015