33 Creative Ways To Brainstorm Ideas

We believe in the cult of creativity at Writers Write. It is often the only thing standing between the majority of us and the abyss. That is why we love these creative ways to brainstorm ideas.

We live in a world that is over-populated by consumers and we all need to create to redress this imbalance. Living a creative life helps us to stay sane in an insane world. We can paint, create new recipes, garden, draw, write. These outlets ground us and keep us from mindlessly consuming.

I believe that everybody can be creative. Creativity is simply making something that was not there before. Once we embrace creativity, it will spill over into all areas of our lives including business.

Anthony Ehlers writes:

‘Creativity is about exploring your curiosity, seeing the world with new eyes and finding possibilities all around you. And then, most importantly, writing it down.’ (Five Creative Ways To Make Your Story More Powerful)

Mia Botha writes:

‘Creativity is what sets you apart in business. We have been raised in a society that does not value or does not prioritise creativity. Doctors, lawyers and accountants have the same degrees. What makes one better than the other? Passion, dedication, work ethic, and creativity all play a role. Experimentation and the willingness to take risks are part and parcel of a creative mind.’ (How Being Creative at Work Improves Your Writing)

Are you feeling uninspired? Perhaps one of these tips will give you ideas on how to brainstorm ideas.

Source: Slideshare

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 by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 16th February 2016