3 Reasons Why Creative Writers Make The Best Content Writers


You’ve just opened up a position in your company for a Content Marketer position and are already flooded with applications. One of the  standout resumes is a new graduate, but their university major is in Creative Writing, with a minor in commerce.

Their application is great, but you can’t get past the fact that their education in business is minimal. Even though their background might be useful for tasks such as running the company blog, you still have your doubts. What reasons should consider to determine whether or not
you call the applicant in for an interview?

So here’s the thing: if you’re a writer, you’re used to putting yourself in the shoes of another character. You imagine that character’s wants, needs, pains, motivations, etc.

We do the same thing in business. We must put ourselves in the shoes of the customer, and try to understand their buying motivations, their psychographics, and more.

If you put a creative writer in charge of communicating with customers, they will be able to think from the client’s point of view. Therefore, they will be able to construct messages in a way that is easier for the reader to understand.

In business, we are so used to assuming users understand the value of what we are trying to offer. However, writers don’t assume; they get behind the character’s story to truly understand them.

By understanding the user, we are able to convey value in a way that they can understand. This means they are more likely to buy into what we are trying to offer.

2.    Writers Are Storytellers

Writers are natural storytellers. They are able to show, and not tell.

When you show something, it becomes a lot more convincing and inviting. Simply telling or dictating an option to a customer does not actually compel them to make a buying decision or believe in your company—in fact, it probably repels them.

Whether it’s a blog post, video, or infographic, writers think in the mind-set of creating a customer’s story involve a given product or service. If users can picture themselves engaging with your business, they’re one step further along in the client’s journey.

3.    Writers Can Write Like Humans

Content marketing is the one place where the phrase “if you’ve got it, flaunt it” does not apply. So gag your inner Ross Geller and suppress the urge to use all that fancy jargon and lingo you know.

Creative writers understand that they must write in a language everyone understands; they also understand the importance that tone and style play in content. This is a simple fact that we tend to overlook every day.

When users read your content online on your social media pages or website, it should not take effort or be complicated. More importantly, the tone, playfulness, etc., of your content should be used to give an indication to your company values and culture.

Imagine if you’ve just released a new video advertisement, and are cross-posting it on all your video channels. A regular message might look something like:

Hello, everyone! We’ve just released our new video; please have a look when you get the chance #campaignhashtag.”

Or, you could say:

Hello, [insert affectionate nickname for organization community citizens, i.e., Googlers, Snapsters, Starbers, etc.)! We’ve got something new for you; we can’t say exactly what it is, but it involves a lemur playing the trombone. Have a look! #campaignhashtag.”

Which message is more compelling? I don’t know about you, but I’d probably want to see what the lemur playing trombone looked like. While not every example is as wonderfully weird as this one, you get the idea. Language, tone, playfulness—they are all important in
letting your audience know about your organisation. Writers are good at that.

Unsure of what type of candidate makes a good content marketer, or not sure if your creative writing talent is relevant to a marketing job? Think again. Knowledge around SEO, digital communications, etc., is easy to teach; soft skills like creativity and outside-of-the-box thinking are inherent, and cannot be taught.

Happy writing!

 by Arash Asli. Arash is at the forefront of business growth. As Co-founder and CEO of Yocale, he has a unique blend of technology, business development, corporate, and finance experience. Arash is honoured to have been named the Business in Vancouver’s Top Forty under 40 business executive.

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Posted on: 18th July 2016