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12 Short Stories Update

If you participate in the 12 short stories challenge, find out about the new website and competition in this 12 Short Stories Update.

We’ve moved! 12 Short Stories has a new home and it works. We also have news about the 2019 Short Story Competition.

Hello Writers

The New Site

It took a while, but our new site is up and running. Our August stories and poems were posted on the new site and it went very well. You can still access the site via the, which will redirect you to new site, but if you experience any hassles please going directly to

We are still working on large parts of the site and will keep improving and finishing as we go along, but the basics are there.

If you have not joined 12 Short Stories or 12 Poems you are welcome to still do so. You need to write 12 short stories or 12 poems in 12 consecutive months and you can start in any month. Please read the FAQs and How It Works carefully.

If you have joined, but you have not been submitting you are welcome to join us again or just go take a peek at the new site.

If you are registered:

  • Your 12SS login will work. Please use “Forgot Password” if you need to reset.
  • Update your PROFILE. You will find the link on the left.
  • Please check that all your stories and poems are showing under your profile. Some are in hiding and I need to go find them. Select the Short Stories or Poems tab in your profile.
  • If you have a poetry account and a short stories account I can merge the two accounts for you. Please send a mail and highlight the preferred address/username.
  • If you want to join the poetry or short story challenge as well you can go to the account tab and add the new level and use one login to participate in both challenges.
  • Please read the FAQs and How It Works


Our annual competition will be happening soon and that section will be added shortly. The competition fee will be US$35 and the prizes are even bigger than last year. If you would like to add feedback(of any 2500 word story) to your entry you can purchase Level 2 for US$50 in the meantime. I repeat, it includes entry into the competition and feedback of any 2500 word short story. We are hoping to launch the competition at the beginning of October 2019. This is our annual fundraiser to keep our free site going. Please support us.

Level 2 purchase:

  • Register or Login
  • Select ACCOUNT tab
  • Select ‘view all membership levels’
  • Add Level 2.
  • Payment is made via PayPal.
  • Send the 2500 word short story to as soon as you are ready.

Existing or current Level 2 members who paid after the previous deadline will be added to the competition group automatically. I will send more information regarding the competition as soon as the IT is finalised.

Please join us on Facebook. These are closed groups and lots of our communication takes place there.

  1. 12 Short Stories Facebook Group
  2. 12 Poems Facebook Group

Any queries regarding the site and competition can be sent to Thank you for your patience and support during our trying IT time. We are very excited about the new site.

Happiness, Mia

 by Mia Botha

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Posted on: 6th September 2019