Book Review – You Are Not Alone

Michael: Through a Brother’s Eyes by Jermaine Jackson (Harper Collins) ISBN 9780007435678

“Michael was standing beside me, looking into the dark from our bedroom window as the snow fell and settled on Christmas Eve night. He looked sad. I can see myself now, looking down on him, feeling that same sadness too. Then he started to sing.”

“You are not Alone” is a tribute to the life and works of singer and artist Michael Jackson through the eyes and voice of his brother Jermaine Jackson. Many close family accounts and personal experiences are described as Jermaine takes the reader through the life of Michael.

Jermaine endeavours to accentuate what he believes is the true identity and life works of the pop icon. The book fails to pull at the heart strings but instead attempts to change the mind of what the general public over the years has come to believe.

I found the style of writing to be pretentious using words that only a journalist or professional writer would see fit to include. I struggled to finish reading the book.

Liz Breet

Posted on: 3rd April 2012