Book Review – You Against Me

by Jenny Downham (David Fickling Books) R185, 00 ISBN: 978 0 857 56002 5 

When Tom, an uptown boy, assaults and rapes his younger sister, Mikey is so angry he can’t think straight. Egged on by his best friend Mikey plots his revenge.
Ellie is Tom’s sister. She leaps to her brother’s defence when he is charged with this terrible crime. She is not interested in the facts. Then Mikey and Ellie meet. Their spirited vendettas are confused by dubious actions and extraordinary events. Their secret rendezvous show an undeniable attraction.
Mikey and Ellie have to choose between old loyalties and new feelings.
This book covers the issue of date rape, adolescent identity crises and the young love that goes with it. It suits readers from as young as fifteen but may also entertain older readers. The title is appropriate to how the plot plays out and various topics like class and morality are noticeably present.
The reader roots for the greater good, even when the “greater” good tends to breaks a few rules.

Liz Breet