Book Review – Wither

by Lauren DeStefano (Harper Voyager) ISBN: 9781442409057

Genetic engineering has produced a flawless generation of strong, disease-free people. However, their children are born to die young. Girls live until 20. Boys die when they are 24.

Rhine Ellery is kidnapped as a ‘bride’ in this bleak dystopian offering. She is taken into a mansion with slaves and sister wives, and a husband who is kind to her. Her father-in-law is cast as the villain, his son a weakling.

The world is divided into two camps – those who are pro finding a cure, and those who want the human race to die. This should make for a brilliant book.

DeStefano has a great idea, her writing is good enough, but the book lacks a soul. I think the problem lies in the protagonist. I could not identify with Rhine. Her more disposable ‘sister wives’, Rose, Jenna and Cecily were far more interesting.

There is too much back story in Wither. Perhaps the second book will be better, but I have lost interest.

Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 14th March 2012