Book Review – Winter of the World

by Ken Follett (Macmillan) ISBN 978-0-2230-71010-8

When you start reading this huge book, make up your mind that you will finish it. It is an awesome story of five families who live out their destinies as the world is shaken by war.

Just holding the book was a task in itself and you realise that the author’s research on each family is quite remarkable.  I loved every moment of the story and could visualise each family’s hardships and successes. Hitler strengthens his grip on Germany, and I was swept along by the clashes of military might that rage from London to Pearl Harbour, from Spain to Stalingrad.

The frightened people who rise above starvation are so real that I feel as if I have known them forever. The dazzling American socialite called Daisy grows up before your eyes. Her shallow aristocratic husband, Boy Fitz Herbert, is a typical man of those times. The women scientists also amaze the reader with their brains and beauty.

This is far too big a work to comment on in depth, except to say it is a fantastic read and once begun you will not put it down.

Dee Andrew



Posted on: 12th October 2012