Book Review – Winging It

by Deborah Cooke (Allison & Busby) ISBN: 978-0-7490-4072-7

Zoe Sorensson is a dragon. This can be quite cool when you are almost 16-years-old. Except Zoe is not allowed to reveal herself to humans.

When her friend, Meagan is bullied in the change room, Zoe does what any loyal friend would do; she defends Meagan by changing into a dragon. Meagan and the bully now think they are going insane. Zoe’s father grounds her. Meagan does not trust her anymore and her parents are getting divorced because of her shape-shifting abilities.

The boy that she has a crush on does not return her messages. Alone, bewildered Zoe has to deal with supernaturals, strange events, coping with school and life as an almost 16-year-old.

Winging It is the second part of the Dragon Diaries. Deborah Cooke has an honours degree in history with focus on medieval studies. Obsessed with dragons, she weaves her knowledge of folklore and supernatural genre into a wonderful story.

Winging It is the ideal read for teenage girls. The protagonist is a strong hero. Add this into the witches’ cauldron, with magic spells, shape shifters and fighting between fantasy heroes; the book becomes a great escape from the reality of growing up.

Ulrike Hill

Posted on: 14th May 2012