Book Review – Things I Thought I Knew

by Kathryn White (Umuzi) R180, 00 ISBN 978-0-4152-0122-0

Kathryn White lives in Johannesburg. She is the author of Emily Green and Me.

Her second novel is the story of two sisters: Lily looks white; Jules looks black. The time frame: From Apartheid South Africa through to Democracy. Before they drugged her, Lily knew things from the future and saw people from the past.

The novel examines, in beautiful and unique prose, the problems an interracial couple faced during the Apartheid era. The intriguing angle taken by the author makes this a refreshing look at a topic that has been covered by hundreds of authors.

The story accelerates to a crescendo. Reaching it, however, is not that satisfying. Luckily the journey is well worth it.

The author explores the cultural and ethical issues. Her vivid descriptions of Lily’s mental issues / psychic abilities, the love triangles, the sibling rivalry because of racial treatment, the exile and the emotional connections are compelling.

An interesting read.

Amanda Blankfield

Posted on: 4th December 2011