The Wolf Gift

by Anne Rice (Chatto & Windus) R215, ISBN: 978-0-701-18745-3


Bestselling author, Anne Rice, is better known for her Vampire Chronicles. She has now turned her attention to another supernatural legend, that of the werewolf.


Reuben is a journalist who writes an article for the local paper about a charming house. The house captures his imagination. And Reuben falls in love with its current owner, Marchent Nideck. The house belonged to Marchent’s uncle who has mysteriously disappeared. Reuben is attacked at the house. Marchent is dead and Reuben’s life is altered in unimaginable ways.


Rice’s storytelling explores the werewolf legend. I particularly liked the notion that, despite grisly murders in the name of justice, society regards the werewolf as a super hero. The reader will question concepts such as good and evil as Rice weaves religion into her story. Reuben’s brother, a priest, faces moral issues that conflict with his love for Reuben.


I found the pacing a little slow but the characters kept me enthralled. I did feel the ending was long winded. Despite these shortcomings, I enjoyed Rice’s book.


Ulrike Hill


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Posted on: 14th August 2012