Book Review – The Way We Were

by Elizabeth Noble (Penguin) ISBN 978-0-141-04311-1

The cover of this book and its title may trick you into thinking this is a love story that follows a similar formula to a Mills and Boon novel. Do not be fooled.

This is a more realistic story, but, because it is written in an easy-to-read style you may think it superficial at first. As you delve deeper, you will see that it is not. For those who have read Noble’s bestseller Things I Want My Daughters to Know, this will be more obvious.

The main character, Susannah, is a miserable thirty-nine year old unmarried woman whose future had been so promising but had not quite materialized. She is living with a long-term boyfriend who takes her for granted, but wants her to cater for his three children when they stay over. And her youngest brother is getting married. That is where the trouble begins: enter Rob, her childhood sweetheart who she has not seen in twenty years.

A great holiday read – but keep the tissues nearby.

Amanda Blankfield

Posted on: 28th December 2011