Book Review – The Water Creature

by Francois Bloemhof (Human & Rousseau) ISBN: 9780798156912

This is apparently the third book in the Chillers series.

Stephen and Alana are on their annual holiday in Blue Water Bay, near Port Elizabeth. They discover a creepy house at the edge of a cliff, and they notice a frightened woman on the beach. Then they hear the local residents talking about a mysterious sea animal. The two decide to find out what is really going on.

This book is so old-fashioned and out-dated that I felt as if I were trapped in a time warp. The book reads like an Enid Blyton adventure from the 1970s. It’s even set in a caravan park. I had no sense of the setting, no feeling for the characters and I did not find it to be ‘full of blood curdling surprises’.

The only 9-12 year old children I can imagine enjoying this book are those who have no electricity, no access to television, and no access to the Internet.

Sarah Campbell

Posted on: 19th November 2012