Book Review – The Power Trip

by Jackie Collins (Simon and Schuster) ISBN: 978 1 84737 980 1

Five celebrity couples are invited to cruise the Sea of Cortez on the 400-foor super-yacht of a powerful Russian billionaire and his supermodel mistress. It turns out to be a trip none of them will ever forget—as they will have to survive old jealousies, infidelity, storms and a band of pirates.

Cliff Baxter is an altar-shy movie idol who sees the trip as the perfect opportunity to dump his ex-waitress girlfriend—but she has no intention of giving up her privileged life as an A-lister’s consort. Flynn Hudson is a tough, cynical political reporter who doesn’t believe in personal connections—until someone from his past shows up on the trip.

Jackie Collins is not a superstar author for nothing. She has voodoo-like talent for getting you to turn the pages, dragging you into her world by the sheer force of her narrative energy , seducing you with her scandalous characters—most of them as  narcissistic, ambitious, manipulative as those you would find in your favourite soap opera.

Anthony Ehlers


Posted on: 22nd November 2012